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Black Panther SWAT Team (2023)

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The violent explosion broke the tranquility of the bank. A group of gunmen drove with stolen money and the police who heard the news chased on the highway. There was a fierce exchange of fire, and the car overturned and caught fire. The remaining gangsters abandoned their cars and fled frantically. The elite SWAT team who received the warning – the Black Panther SWAT team rushed to the scene of the incident; on the other hand, the coerced SWAT team member Jiang Miao learned that the mastermind behind the robbers was It turned out to be the murderer who killed his brother who was also a policeman. After subduing the gangster, Jiang Miao resolutely went to the hidden stronghold of the mastermind behind the gangster…

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Genre: Action
Durasi: 109 Min